Hungarian public transport shifts to greener ways

12 Jul 2019

Hungary’s transport system will be making a shift towards a cleaner environment, by changing their vehicles to non-polluting ones. The Hungarian government will be co-financing the project, together with local councils and other private firms. 

A statement issued by the government stated, ‘Regional councils are taking steps to introduce green buses to Hungary's public transport system,’ adding that ‘Over the course of ten years, the authorities anticipate that 7,500 vehicles will be changed to a greener alternative.’ 

However, greener means of transport will start being used by passengers within 2 or 3 years and will offer services to everywhere in the country by 2022. Minister of state responsible for economic strategy and regulation, Gyorgy Laszlo said, ‘The program brings together economic development and green policies.’ 

Ikarus, Kravtex, Inter Traction Electrics and the Chinese electric bus and truck maker BYD will all be financially supporting the project. 

Greenpeace also protested against sea pollution and the throwing of plastic in the sea. The reason for the protest was to raise awareness on how plastic in ending up in the sea, affecting animals’ habitats. The Hungarian government will also be taking action by banning the use of plastic bags as from 2021. Deputy State Secretary for green economy, climate policy and key public services, Martina Makai, said, ‘From 2021, plastic bags will totally be banned in Hungary.’